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  • Buy online or in store
  • Exchange rates that are difficult to beat
  • No hidden extras when you pay by debit card
  • Over 80 different currencies available
  • Most popular currencies are available on demand at Dawson and Sanderson shops or by the next day and delivered to your door when ordered online
  • Most exotic currencies are obtainable 24 hours later
  • Cash is not secure. Check your travel insurance policy to determine how much of your cash is covered


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    Forexco Travel CashCard Your prepaid MasterCard currency card is globally accepted at most ATMs and POS

  • Currently available COMMISSION FREE in Euro and US Dollars, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Dollars along with South African Rand
  • Available in Pounds Sterling for a small fee
  • Safer than Cash - supported by 24 hour Global Emergency Assistance
  • Accepted in over 29 million MasterCard locations worldwide and for cash withdrawal at any MasterCard ATM
  • Can be used time and time again
  • Reloadable in store, online, or over the phone
  • Original card purchase must be 'in store' when a valid passport or UK photo driving licence must be presented at time of purchase
  • Fees will be applied when you withdraw cash from an ATM

  • Buy online or in store
  • Exchange rates that are difficult to beat
  • AUD Travellers Cheques

  • Available COMMISSION FREE in 4 different currencies:

  •   »  Australian Dollar
      »  Canadian Dollar
      »  Japanese Yen
      »  United States Dollar

    USD Travellers Cheques

  • Also available in Pounds Sterling for a small fee
  • Safe & Secure - often replaced within 24 hours if lost or stolen
  • Sign when you buy and sign again when you use
  • Accepted at banks, bureaux and many stores worldwide
  • No Expiry Date
  • Fees may be applied when you cash your cheques overseas
    Each of the above products puts you in control of your travel money. If you plan to use your credit card or debit card abroad we suggest you speak with your card provider before you travel.

    Ask them if there is a commission fee or a cash advance fee when you withdraw cash. Do they charge an exchange fee when you buy goods? Is there a load fee above the Visa/MasterCard Rate?

    If you obtain cash on a credit card or do not pay your next bill in full after your holiday you will have to add interest charges to the cost of your travel money.